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About Your Realtor

Avril K. Cherasard

You might ask what differentiates Avril from the other Realtor.

Avril is a Realtor with an investor's mind. Her expertise lies in having first hand experience with upgrading to the well deserved dream home to handling the nuances of rehabbing investment properties!

After many years of successfully assisting many friends, colleagues and relatives through the maze of buying and selling their residential and investment properties, Avril furthered her pursuit of all things Real Estate and obtained her designation as a Certified Master Mortgage Underwriter, (NAMU-CMMU). With this formal education, she learned how to respond to the underwriting guidelines borrowers must navigate in order to have their mortgage loan application approved.

In today's world of do-it-yourself property searches and online scamming, save yourself the headache and heartache! Let the expert do the work for you!